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Thanks for working with us on the new tractor we purchased from you recently. We really liked the CK30 you sold us six years ago, but the new larger chassis (CK40 ) has several very nice upgrades. The push button controls and rear control for the 3 point are very convenient, and while the backhoe is not in the picture, it's going to make retired life much easier.

The driveway grader I got from you is AWESOME !! I made a couple of passes down the old worn out gravel driveway and it looks like I had 20 yards of new gravel delivered. I have no need for a BOX scraper; itís going away with the CK30.

James and Robin 
Grants Pass, Oregon 
This is just to say how pleased we have been with our Kioti tractor. Indeed, pleased is a bit of a tame word. It has been an invaluable tool and one that has one been reliable and dependable. Delighted to recommend it to others.
Kind regards, Paul
Merlin, Oregon

Don on his Kioti.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Just the perfect controls and tractor for me, Check out the leg.

Jacksonville, Oregon

"We searched all the dealers and all the tractors and found the best deal and the best tractor at Runaway. The service was the very best also."

Joe Palmer

Cave Junction, Oregon 
Thanks again for the use of the tractor, did an incredible job, the kids spread 90 yards of manure plus we put down over 500 lbs each of bone and kelp meal to get soil prepared for winter. Sending you a few photos,  there's really a tractor in one of the pictures. Kids are from GPHS do their community service day.

Thanks again David James

Grants Pass, Oregon

Bill and Ann from Wilderville with their new DK40se
Wilderville, Oregon

After checking several dealerships in the Rogue Valley we found the best quality and the very\ best service at Runaway Tractor in Grants Pass. The dk40se will do everything we need done on 125 acres.
Jay and Ellen

Grants Pass, Oregon

Mr Cornelison on his new CK 30 ready to mow!
Grants Pass, Oregon

We looked everywhere and found the best at Runaway!
Thank You, Russell
Grants Pass, Oregon

Robert and grandkids on a ck20s with loader and backhoe ready to go to work.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Thanks Darrel.....Paul with his new ck20s.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Three Rivers School District guys getting ready to work with their new DK35.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Nobody's  taken my tractor!   Thanks, David

Grants Pass, Oregon

Warren with his 39 9/N ready to work.
Grants Pass, Oregon

Real teamwork! Well, I finally got it washed!. Working great! Thanks, Jim & Sandi!
Grants Pass, Oregon

What a difference between the tractor we purchased in 1980 and this new Kioti! I have room to move around on the platform, the seat is comfortable, I have ROP, Signals, a horn, and power steering not to mention more power! I can work and not get a workout! The frosting on the cake is that Darrel and the crew are good to deal with!
Thanks! John Ahlstrom
Murphy, Oregon  (near Grants Pass)

Love My KIOTI,,, Here's a picture to hang on your wall!  Thanks for everything. Darrel...Roger.
Sunny Valley, Oregon (near Grants Pass)

Lovik lovin it.! Thanks !  ( Shown driving his Dk45se Hydro from Runaway Tractor )
Murphy, Oregon

First time ever...It is easy to drive and FUN!...... Thank you, Carol
Merlin, Oregon  (near Grants Pass)

Vivian VanDerWalker with her new CK 30H
" Why did we wait so long?".....
Thanks again, Vivian

Merlin, Oregon
Sue says... Devoted gardener just got life easier with a new ck20s!

Grants Pass, Oregon

Here is a picture of our workhorse.... Thanks, for everything. John and Sally

Murphy, Oregon
Tammy Scammons in Shingle Springs Ca. ready to move hay the easy way!.

Shingle Springs, CA.