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Hi Darrel,
I love my DK55. Thanks!
Reedsport, Oregon

Little did I think when my husband, Russ, received his new tractor, that I'd be writing a gushing testimonial; but here I am. We were slated to pick up a young couple who were biking their way down the coast from Washington to California, but got caught in severe weather. Russ went to get the pickup while I waited at the front door. Time went by and he still wasn't showing. So I walked up our long driveway only to find our large pickup stuck in the mud up to the hubcaps. It took Russ only a little time to pull the pickup out of the mud with our new tractor and I have to admit that since that moment, my husband and his tractor are held in the highest esteem by me! Sincerely, Elisabeth Russell
After doing research for tractors for a year I chose the Kioti because it offered me more features than comparable tractors. Thank you Darrel and Bill with Runaway Tractor for helping me pick the four right implement attachments that will do the job for me. I know this Kioti will give me a lifetime of excellent service and meets my expectations for a dependable machine. Kioti stands behind their tractor with a four year warranty and local service.
Sincerely, Russ Russell
Brookings, Oregon

More Info and Pictures coming soon.
Thank You